Thursday, 31 May 2012

ah, Paris

so i'm still finishing off some embroidery hoops but to honour my new pledge to blog regularly, here are a couple more Parisian pictures...
Sacre Couer from the top of L'Arc de Triomphe
stunning marble at L'Arc de Triomphe
Macarons from Lauderee shop
rain! sacre bleu!
a lovely bottom in Le Musee de Louvre
cheesy mashed potato...mmmmh
the tower at night
H xxx xxx xxx

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Jubilee celebrations COMMENCE

Hooray! The jubilee is this weekend! I am too too excited. We are having a BBQ on Sunday....and yes, i have bought bunting, flags, balloons and other amazing things. i made salsa (i know!) and also tried out my shortbread recipe. i obviously had to try out all my awesome decorations. these are just a few ideas and i am confident in saying that these will be much much better for sunday. yey!!
first batch....

my favourite one x
 and they actually taste lovely too!
will keep you posted on the weekend.
love xxxxx

Monday, 28 May 2012

i have been r.u.b.b.i.s.h.

wow. ok. i have been truly truly awful with my little blog!
here goes some more.
i'm in the process of putting stuff together to sell on Etsy but in the meantime, here's a lolz picture from Paris (we went in april)