Thursday, 30 May 2013

secret project number 3 . . .

so my best friend, the beautiful pamela, got married last weekend and we came up with some crafty touches to make the wedding personalised. she and her lovely groom decided to name each table after a nickname ((what an original idea!)) and she gave me a list of pictures to 'illustrate' in felt for each table. then we did a Mr + Mrs to hang behind the top table too...

so here they are! each one took about a day. the backgrounds are all the wedding colours (( sweet pea colours - blue, turquoise, teal, lilac and pink)) with the date on them, as well as a heart.

the Mr + Mrs rectangle took 2 days because of the detail and it was a surprise until 2 days before the wedding as i didn't want to reveal any crucial outfit secrets! the clock tower from the venue shows the time of their wedding, and each flower ((again, in the bridesmaid dress colours)) represents the beautiful urns of flowers her mum grew for the wedding.

it was a beautiful day, everything went to plan, the weather was perfect and there was some pretty awesome dancing. i even shed a tear when my bestie came down the aisle :o)

so here are all the table squares and the mr + mrs rectangle.

peace n love

x x x h x x x

Sunday, 19 May 2013

secret project number 2....

so this is secret project number two!
my best friend is getting married in a week ((woohoo!!)) and for a little souvenir from the hen do I made all the girls a little cupcake hanger to remind them of the hen do, and it also ties in with the wedding. won't say any more as that is to do with another batch of secret projects.
here are the hangers, made with gorgeous -prestigious textiles- fabric and co-ordinating 100% wool felt. they are lightly stuffed so they hang well from the ribbon.
yey for wedding times!!

xxx h xxx

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

secret project number one...

So here's a project I did for a wedding of a gorgeous family friend...her amazing sisters managed to organise a secret hen party for her and they commissioned some felt hearts in the wedding colours to give each of the guests. they went down a treat and i was really pleased with them so i decided to list them as a custom item on my etsy shop... here they are :o)

xxxx h xxxx