Tuesday, 13 November 2012

what a giggle!

craft fair - done!! sarah and i had a really lovely time; plus we sold some stuff!! so that was awesome. now it means that everything else can be put up on my etsy shop :o)
here are some other things i was selling.........

felt ball necklace

mixed media green

paris - bonjour!

detail from 'l-o-v-e'

custom christmas card

you are my sunshine!

gorgeous christmas decorations

peace n love
x x x h x x x

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

countdown to my first craft fair!!

well i've bitten the bullet, made the move and all other cliches by signing up to do my first craft fair with one of my oldest friends, Sarah. Oldest as in we've known each other since we were 7 + 8, not that she's 92. we're both always crafting and talking about it when we meet up so we're going for it and doing a Christmas craft fair at Sedgefield Racecourse in .......5 days. eeeek!! lots to do. but at least it means i might actually stay up to date with blogging this week!!
here are some of the christmas decorations i'll be selling - you've already seen the gorgeous lil reindeer.

two little stars

mr gingerbread

peace n love
xx xx xx xx xx

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

cupcake flags

my best friend is getting married in May and we came up with an awesome idea for place setting names..... 
originally, each setting was going to have a plain cupcake with a plate as the centrepiece with icing, sprinkles, sweeties etc but we thought 
                a) this is in May, in a barn in the countryside so will attract bugs.
                b) people won't want to get fancy clothes covered with pink icing and chocolate sprinkles
the new plan is for the other maid of honour to bake everyone a cake, decorate it very simply and then pop a flag with their name into it!! 
here are the flags (to match the sweet pea colour scheme) obviously without names - still waiting for rsvps


a l l l l l l the flags!

x x x xhx x x x

Monday, 15 October 2012


i have been SO UTTERLY RUBBISH. although i have been making tonnes of stuff . . . . . . . .
all of it working out nicely, except for a TOTAL pinstrosity ((see below)) i know the instructions were teeny tiny pictures - - - but still, it's shocking.
here 'it' is:

here is his little face.
i kept trying to make it look better.
nothing really worked.

and here is his little bottom.
i think the tail actually works in a naive kind of style.
kind of.
i mean, look at it!!! bah ha ha >> disaster

this is this link to the set of instructions - - - and how my little sock weirdo should have turned out....

   hey ho......

love and peace y'alllllllll xxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 30 August 2012

friendship bracelets!

oh wow........
when i was little (well, in school) i ALWAYS wanted to know how to make proper friendship bracelets, but i only knew how to do plaits and macrame twists. and now, thanks to this PERFECT set of instructions from http://honestlywtf.com/diy/diy-friendship-bracelet/ i have now made my first one ....age 27 :)
here it is.....and yes, the left end is where i started hence it looking a bit ropey [lolz] but as you look left to right you gotta admit it gets better!!


Monday, 20 August 2012

ohhhhhh...there went July!

so yes, i'm rubbish. we've hit wedding season and it was sunny so i neglected blog a little....a lot. sorry. been making LOTS of stuff so will put pictures up once i take them on my camera not on my phone xxx xxx xxx

Thursday, 28 June 2012

too early for christmas?

is it too early to start making stuff to sell at christmas? i suppose i have a load of wedding / baby shower bits to do ...but my little reindeer christmas tree decorations are so cute!

x x x

#photoadayJune day 28 and a normal pic too

so today is on the shelf......

#photoadayJune day 28.....on the shelf

and this is the weather outside right now!!

love x

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

#photoadayJune continuation

bonjour!! here are a couple of catch ups for #photoadayJune x

#photoadayJune - day 24...on your mind - finding a house!

#photoadayJune ... DAY 25 // something cute

#photoadayJune - day twenty six - where i shop...everywhere!

#photoadayJune day 27 (bathroom)

peace n love x x x

Sunday, 24 June 2012


and here is day 22 and day 23 ...  enchilada friday and the flooded stream at the end of the garden - we've had a month's rain in 24 hours x

#photoadayJune day 22 - from a high angle

#photoadayJune - movement - DAY 23

h xxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 22 June 2012

#photoadayJune nearly there

okidokes we're nearly there with the catch up. i know it doesn't really make sense to be doing it late...but i love having the record of what i've done this month and think it'll be so cool to look back on in twenty years time! although today it is RAINING and i want to take a photo off the decking down to the stream. let's see how this goes!
meanwhile, here are the catch ups til yesterday

#photoadayJune day 18 something we don't know about me

#photoadayJune day 19 - imperfect

#photoadayJune DAY 21...favourite photo i've ever taken...
in tokyo quarter in paris

#photoadayJune ... where i slept last night . day 21.

x x x H x x x

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

#photoadayJune catch up time!

catch up!!
i was at a festival (pics below) and then home for a week so no laptop...here comes a catchup for #photoadayJune 
#photoadayJune day 7 ...a drink

#photoadayJune...day 8 6 o'clock...mikael from Opeth at Download

#photoadayJune day 9 your view today - download festival!

#photoadayJune - DAY TEN ...best bit of the weekend 

#photoadayJune day 11 - a door; my door at home

#photoadayJune DAY TWELVE - from a low angle

#photoadayJune day 13 ... art - this was my guide when i lived in Florence

#photoadayJune 14...a time

#photoadayJune day 15 - - - yellow

#photoadayJune day 16 ... 'out and about'

#photoadayJune DAY SEVENTEEN ... in your bag - father's day pressie for my dad
h xxx

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

#photoadayJune Days 5+6

day five...a sign

day 5...#photoadayJune  a SIGN

day six...hat

day 6...#photoadayJune  a hat. hello!
x x x x x x x x x

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Say hello!

i write these blogs imagining an 'audience' of people interested in diy, photos or just people randomly flicking through the blogger site. i have no idea if anyone is actually looking on purpose...
so if you are, please say hello! i'm not too sure really what to do - so if you leave a comment here, i'll find out what happens!
peace and love
hann x

Monday, 4 June 2012

#photoadayjune ... day 4

so it's a close up for today...i also made another felt picture but need to find a frame to photograph it. lovely jubbly! hope everyone enjoyed the diamond jubes.....still fun! love love

so here is the pic for  #photoadayJune for day four...
close up. this is an orchid bud waiting to pop! 

Sunday, 3 June 2012

#photoadayJune is good!

i'm enjoying #photoadayJune as it means i'm always uploading (so far...i do tend to get excited and enthusiastic about stuff).
although i'm going to a festival next weekend so there will be a lack of uploads then. hey ho :o)
so here are some of the things i've been making, soon to be put on etsy. i like them and have good feedback, so just need to do some price calculations then they're up!

party garland!
different colour party garland
never lose your sense of wonder x 5 inch hoop
be amazing x 4 inch hoop
let's climb these mountains together x 7 inch hoop
you are my sunshine x 4 inch hoop

x x x x x x x x h

#photoadayjune day3

#photoadayjune - day three is 'on your plate'....and today was our (indoors) jubilee BBQ! so here is a pic of one of our plates......
#photoadayjune day 3...on my plate!