Thursday, 28 June 2012

too early for christmas?

is it too early to start making stuff to sell at christmas? i suppose i have a load of wedding / baby shower bits to do ...but my little reindeer christmas tree decorations are so cute!

x x x

#photoadayJune day 28 and a normal pic too

so today is on the shelf......

#photoadayJune day 28.....on the shelf

and this is the weather outside right now!!

love x

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

#photoadayJune continuation

bonjour!! here are a couple of catch ups for #photoadayJune x

#photoadayJune - day 24...on your mind - finding a house!

#photoadayJune ... DAY 25 // something cute

#photoadayJune - day twenty six - where i shop...everywhere!

#photoadayJune day 27 (bathroom)

peace n love x x x

Sunday, 24 June 2012


and here is day 22 and day 23 ...  enchilada friday and the flooded stream at the end of the garden - we've had a month's rain in 24 hours x

#photoadayJune day 22 - from a high angle

#photoadayJune - movement - DAY 23

h xxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 22 June 2012

#photoadayJune nearly there

okidokes we're nearly there with the catch up. i know it doesn't really make sense to be doing it late...but i love having the record of what i've done this month and think it'll be so cool to look back on in twenty years time! although today it is RAINING and i want to take a photo off the decking down to the stream. let's see how this goes!
meanwhile, here are the catch ups til yesterday

#photoadayJune day 18 something we don't know about me

#photoadayJune day 19 - imperfect

#photoadayJune DAY 21...favourite photo i've ever taken...
in tokyo quarter in paris

#photoadayJune ... where i slept last night . day 21.

x x x H x x x

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

#photoadayJune catch up time!

catch up!!
i was at a festival (pics below) and then home for a week so no comes a catchup for #photoadayJune 
#photoadayJune day 7 ...a drink 8 6 o'clock...mikael from Opeth at Download

#photoadayJune day 9 your view today - download festival!

#photoadayJune - DAY TEN bit of the weekend 

#photoadayJune day 11 - a door; my door at home

#photoadayJune DAY TWELVE - from a low angle

#photoadayJune day 13 ... art - this was my guide when i lived in Florence

#photoadayJune 14...a time

#photoadayJune day 15 - - - yellow

#photoadayJune day 16 ... 'out and about'

#photoadayJune DAY SEVENTEEN ... in your bag - father's day pressie for my dad
h xxx

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

#photoadayJune Days 5+6

day five...a sign

day 5...#photoadayJune  a SIGN

day six...hat

day 6...#photoadayJune  a hat. hello!
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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Say hello!

i write these blogs imagining an 'audience' of people interested in diy, photos or just people randomly flicking through the blogger site. i have no idea if anyone is actually looking on purpose...
so if you are, please say hello! i'm not too sure really what to do - so if you leave a comment here, i'll find out what happens!
peace and love
hann x

Monday, 4 June 2012

#photoadayjune ... day 4

so it's a close up for today...i also made another felt picture but need to find a frame to photograph it. lovely jubbly! hope everyone enjoyed the diamond jubes.....still fun! love love

so here is the pic for  #photoadayJune for day four...
close up. this is an orchid bud waiting to pop! 

Sunday, 3 June 2012

#photoadayJune is good!

i'm enjoying #photoadayJune as it means i'm always uploading (so far...i do tend to get excited and enthusiastic about stuff).
although i'm going to a festival next weekend so there will be a lack of uploads then. hey ho :o)
so here are some of the things i've been making, soon to be put on etsy. i like them and have good feedback, so just need to do some price calculations then they're up!

party garland!
different colour party garland
never lose your sense of wonder x 5 inch hoop
be amazing x 4 inch hoop
let's climb these mountains together x 7 inch hoop
you are my sunshine x 4 inch hoop

x x x x x x x x h

#photoadayjune day3

#photoadayjune - day three is 'on your plate'....and today was our (indoors) jubilee BBQ! so here is a pic of one of our plates......
#photoadayjune day 3...on my plate!

Friday, 1 June 2012

#photoadayJune DAY ONE

look what i'm starting! i love stuff like this...from fatmumslimx
1. Morning

x x x H x x x