Wednesday, 16 January 2013

any excuse . . .

i quite like valentine's day. that does not mean that i'm a hallmark addict and that i expect roses and a three course candlelit dinner. in fact i HATE that side of things. i like that we have a day when you're designated to remind the person you think is lovely that they are very lovely.
so here are some cute little heart hangers i made and put up on etsy. ostensibly, they're designed to meet the needs of valentiners, but any excuse to make something with a heart on it is fine by me!!
if you click on the link next to the picture it should take you to the etsy page. fingers crossed.
h xxx
in fact - do you know why we use the letter X to signify a kiss? back in the olden days of yore (when not everyone could write) if someone had to sign an oath or a contract and couldn't write their name, they would draw a cross and kiss it to represent their promise. the x then came to signify the kiss. happy valentines!
h x

Thursday, 10 January 2013

salut, hallo, hey!!

just to say ahoy! hey y'all! bonjour! guten tag! ciao! konichiwa! um, that's about as many languages as i can say hello in. but hi to the lovely people who look at this little post ...i love you all very much :o)

getting ready for valentine's

so i'm making things for valentines's day now....hearts (obviously) but not tacky, just lovely. well, i think so. mum and dad got the prototype and it's already hanging off the mantelpiece so that's an endorsement! specially as my mum is queen of hearts. i could explain that, but i'm enjoying the slightly sinister mystery of that sentence! will put pics up this week xxxx

Thursday, 3 January 2013


woohooo!!! new year's resolution of getting stuff on etsy is working so far!!!!! have put up embroidered pictures and now starting on hoops, followed by necklaces and paper garland. will also be putting some extra // unused supplies up there too. woooooohooooooo!!!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

a time to smile

this is a post which didn't get published due to the dodgy home internet .
it should have come out on 18th December

Hello lovelies
I'm home for christmas with my parents for a good long while :)
I went to a funeral today, of one of the most entertaining lady I knew - Mary from number 119. she always had a story, always offered a drink, always made me smile and it's very strange to think she won't be doing annual boxing day party. R.I.P. mary, you must be having so much fun up there

Happy New Year Lovelies!!

So yes, obviously, my new year's resolution is to write more posts on this poor, neglected blog. i have fantastic plans for 2o13...will be doing two craft fairs with friends so shall be sharing stuff. promise. plus i have discovered awesome people who make blog planners so you post regularly which is exciting and potentially successful :o)
in my (very weak) defence, my laptop was out of order for basically the whole of December.....but i have a shiny new one which i can bluetooth pictures to from my phone AND an internal card reader. so the future for blogspot looks extremely bright.
and here are a couple of things from christmas makings time......

love n peace
h xxxxx