Friday, 22 June 2012

#photoadayJune nearly there

okidokes we're nearly there with the catch up. i know it doesn't really make sense to be doing it late...but i love having the record of what i've done this month and think it'll be so cool to look back on in twenty years time! although today it is RAINING and i want to take a photo off the decking down to the stream. let's see how this goes!
meanwhile, here are the catch ups til yesterday

#photoadayJune day 18 something we don't know about me

#photoadayJune day 19 - imperfect

#photoadayJune DAY 21...favourite photo i've ever taken...
in tokyo quarter in paris

#photoadayJune ... where i slept last night . day 21.

x x x H x x x

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