Tuesday, 23 October 2012

cupcake flags

my best friend is getting married in May and we came up with an awesome idea for place setting names..... 
originally, each setting was going to have a plain cupcake with a plate as the centrepiece with icing, sprinkles, sweeties etc but we thought 
                a) this is in May, in a barn in the countryside so will attract bugs.
                b) people won't want to get fancy clothes covered with pink icing and chocolate sprinkles
the new plan is for the other maid of honour to bake everyone a cake, decorate it very simply and then pop a flag with their name into it!! 
here are the flags (to match the sweet pea colour scheme) obviously without names - still waiting for rsvps


a l l l l l l the flags!

x x x xhx x x x

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