Wednesday, 16 January 2013

any excuse . . .

i quite like valentine's day. that does not mean that i'm a hallmark addict and that i expect roses and a three course candlelit dinner. in fact i HATE that side of things. i like that we have a day when you're designated to remind the person you think is lovely that they are very lovely.
so here are some cute little heart hangers i made and put up on etsy. ostensibly, they're designed to meet the needs of valentiners, but any excuse to make something with a heart on it is fine by me!!
if you click on the link next to the picture it should take you to the etsy page. fingers crossed.
h xxx
in fact - do you know why we use the letter X to signify a kiss? back in the olden days of yore (when not everyone could write) if someone had to sign an oath or a contract and couldn't write their name, they would draw a cross and kiss it to represent their promise. the x then came to signify the kiss. happy valentines!
h x

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