Saturday, 8 October 2011

new sewing machine!

my elevenyear old sewing machine finally gave up the ghost last week - i got sick of the bobbin not sewing properly, so i was stitching metres of bunting thinking it was working fine, only to flip over the bunting to realise it was not attached in any way! so i splurged and bought myself a janome dc3050, an electronic machine with 50 stitches and all sorts of super duper bits and bobs. it arrived yesterday and i've had a little play and it is fabulous. so quiet! although i will have to get used to it sewing one extra stitch when i take my foot off the pedal. my mum has just bought one too - it's her first sewing machine so i'm going to help her when i go down next week. better practise a bit more before i go.......

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