Thursday, 6 October 2011

wedding invites ... beth and mike

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my baby sister got married in july, and these are the wedding invites i made. they wanted simple, rustic and natural looking invites, not too grand or ornate.

i use square cream cards with loads of different inserts, depending on who the invite was for! beth and mike chose a photo and edited it so it looked a little vintage, and changed the colour balance so it looked warm. i stuck that onto a square of natural, handmade (not by me) hemp paper.

they wanted a simple ribbon, but i made the invites before they chose the colour scheme so we kept it neutral and natural with a cream east of india ribbon decorated with simple silver grey hearts. i found a lovely hand carved stamp in my local craft shop and did a simple red imprint on the back of each card as it was important to beth and mike that people knew they were handmade and individual! phew!

everyone said how lovely they were, and how 'beth and mike' they were too - so mission accomplished!

here are the various elements of the card design....


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